Version 1.1 beta 1

We now start a series of releases containing significant new functionality for version 1.1. You can learn about version 1.1 at At this time however licensed customers will not be able to get domain-specific customizations of "go.js".

Beta 1 includes the following features:
  • Added TreeModel to allow creating tree-structured graphs without the use of separate link data objects.
  • Added Node.findTreeParentLink, Node.findTreeParentNode, Node.findTreeChildrenLinks, Node.findTreeChildrenNodes for your convenience.
  • Changed TreeLayout.path to default to new value TreeLayout.PathDefault, which chooses logical tree direction based on Diagram.isTreePathToChildren.
  • Added GraphLinksModel.archetypeNodeData for automatically adding a node data to a GraphLinksModel when there is an unresolved reference in a link data. For example, see the updated Beat Paths sample.
  • Added Iterator.first method for your convenience.
  • New features for Diagram.makeImage and Diagram.makeImageData can now specify position, size, scale, and maxSize of the resulting Diagram image.
  • Added introduction pages for Diagram Images and Local Printing.
  • Added CommandHandler.zoomToFit command, invoked by Shift-Z
  • Modified TextBlock greeking (drawing lines instead of text at very small sizes) to be more accurately placed.
  • Fixed alignment of vertexes in layouts that use networks to be based on center of Part.locationObject, except for Groups which align to the center of the whole Group.