Version 1.2.3

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.2.3.

  • Version 1.2 includes a lot of performance improvements – everything takes a lot less memory than before, and many things should be a bit faster too.
  • We have added support for drawing separator lines between some or all rows and/or columns of a Table Panel.
  • You can now customize Links in more ways than before.
  • There are additional ways to navigate or operate on trees.
  • We have added several new samples.
  • We have added an “extensions” folder: Extensions. This holds several sample apps which depend on the regular GoJS library plus extension classes inheriting from Layout, Tool, or CommandHandler.
  • We now supply a type definition file for TypeScript: GoJS.d.ts.

A full list of changes preceding this version is available in the Change Log.

Changes for 1.2.3

  • Fixed shadow drawing on Parts that had a non-real position.
  • Fixed Diagram.isEnabled failing to disable scrollbars.
  • Fixed some issues with dynamic Picture loading, and decreased time between tests for loaded images.
  • Fixed some errors with odd Diagram sizes, including disallowing negative-sized Diagrams in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed Panel.findRowForLocalY and Panel.findColumnForLocalX when the input was a negative number.
  • Auto Panels now correctly measure main Shapes that have a GeometryStretch of Uniform, such as the figures 'Circle' and 'Square'.
  • Auto Panels now correctly re-measure TextBlock elements when the Panel's size changes dynamically (ie, desiredSize).