Version 1.3.8

We are pleased to announce the release of GoJS version 1.3.8.

Changes for 1.3.8:
â—¦Fixed the measurement of some GraphObjects when modifying angle with both a desiredSize and minSize set.
â—¦Fixed Diagram.addLayerAfter and Diagram.addLayerBefore for re-ordering layers, and improved their error checking.

New in 1.3:

â—¦There is now a “Get Started with GoJS” page, at
â—¦Version 1.3 includes support for generating SVG. Please read Generating SVG.
â—¦We have added several new samples demonstrating integration with RequireJS andAngularJS, as well as a Tournament sample and a Seating Chart sample.
â—¦There is now a BPMN editor with supporting extension classes.
â—¦The styles of the standard adornments for selection and tool handles has been changed to be more blue. Any custom adornments that you have defined are unaffected.
â—¦Models now save/restore a JavaScript object on the model (Model.modelData) where you can put as many JSON-serializable properties as you like independent of any node data.
â—¦On a Macintosh keyboard commands now use the Command key instead of Control.
â—¦The DraggingTool and LinkingTools now support dragging a single Link and disconnecting/reconnecting a link to one or two new ports: the DraggingTool.dragsLink and the LinkingBaseTool.isUnconnectedLinkValid property.
â—¦In-place text editing now automatically selects all of the existing text.
â—¦We have updated the type definition file for TypeScript: GoJS.d.ts
â—¦There are a few performance improvements and a bunch of bug fixes.
â—¦We have added the Robot sample in the extensions directory, demonstrating the simulation of input events, which can be useful for automated test systems.

A full list of changes preceding this version is available in the Change Log.