We have upgraded from version to version of the Northwoods.GoWPF.dll and have seen an increase in memory causing some exceptions. I created two builds of our software with the same code base and the only delta was the version of the Northwoods.GoWPF.dll. The new .dll appears to be causing some memory issues or we have not made some changes necessary to integrate with the new .dll. Can you point me in the direction of a list of the changes between these two versions? Also, do you know of any issues with version Is there a later version available that we should look into? Thanks!

I don’t know of any memory problems. In fact, I think we fixed a garbage-retention problem since 1.2.6. I don’t think there have been any incompatible changes, nor any changes that would explain what you are seeing. Is there a way for you to characterise the memory usage?

As it so happens, the release notes (the .README file) should contain a list of all changes since 1.2.6. You can find it in the docs subdirectory.

There is a bug fix build that is newer than 2.1.1, but it is not widely available, and I don’t think it would affect your situation.

Is it possible to get the build that is newer than 2.1.1 to see if there is a difference?

I could give it to you, but I’m pretty sure that the one obscure bug fix that is in that 2.1.2 alpha release is not going to help you.

Actually, I wonder if using version 2.0.2 would help narrow down the problem. You can get the DLL without installing the kit at

Or an even earlier version, 1.3.4, at

Is this release, supported on windows 8?

Yes, I don’t recall that there were any problems with Windows 8 RTM. (There were some compatibility problems in pre-release versions of Windows 8, as I recall.)

Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems, just none that I know of.