Virtualization or partial rendering of Nodes in organization chart

Hi ,

I have a large set of entities which we need to display in organization chart, hence loading up of all the entities might be time consuming. Does you provide virtualization that is partial rendering of the nodes as the user scrolls down to the bottom of the chart. If any code snippets or reference you can provide it will be helpful…


How large a graph (i.e. number of nodes and links) are you expecting to be able to handle? Thousands of nodes should not be a problem.

If you need to handle tens of thousands, you may need to implement virtualization. Unfortunately that is not just a matter of setting some Diagram property – it does require some programming.

The Virtualized Tree Layout sample,, shows a tree with 12345 nodes.

The Virtualized Tree without TreeLayout sample,, shows a tree with 123,456 nodes.

Also you can read