VS2008 beta 2/ .net 3.5

Hi, I’m using GoDiagrams v2.5 and have tried upgrading a project to VS2008 beta 2 and setting the .net framework to 3.5. Code compiled fine without modification, the app runs fine. Except the arrow heads on my custom links (dervied from sample) seem to have disappeared on some nodes as if they’re attaching to the wrong port during a layout. Does anyone else have any vs2008 experience? Sorry if this is vague.

Since the assemblies that GoDiagram depends on (System, System.Drawing and System.Windows.Forms) have not changed in .NET Framework 3.5 compared to .NET Framework 2.0, I am surprised to hear about any problems at all.

Certainly I haven't encountered any, having used various versions of VS 2008 for a long time, including currently with the RC release.
One minor point: the HTML2 help that we supply (.HxS) is not registered correctly for Visual Studio 2008. We're about to come out with new beta kits that address this issue, as well as provide updated project files and new assemblies compiled with .NET Compact Framework 3.5.
So if you could confirm that there really is a change/bug in .NET 3.5, I would like to know more about it.

I will investigate further, Walter. It’s strange behaviour and I’m not suggesting it’s a godiagram issue. Overall, it looks good for the new version of .net.

Hi, it’s not a .net 3.5 issue!

I was using build 2.0.50727 on my vs2005 machine. This was a beta version of GoDiagrams. On the new pc I’d installed which exhibits the strange behaviour under vs2005 as well as VS 2008. I’ve downgraded to the godiagram beta for the moment but will try with c2.6 when I get a moment.