Wall Building Tool In FloorPlanner

I am working on a floor planner which is completely different from what we have in GoJS Projects.I want to know what concept is being used for building the walls and how to implement it. Is it a node with ports at the end or is it a group? Is there any sample other than FloorPlanner which shows this feature?

Hello. I am the developer who built our Floorplanner samples.

Walls are Nodes with data properties for start and endpoints. If you’re looking at Floorplanner 2.0, walls also have points in their data for mitering points.

The WallBuildingTool and WallReshapingTool are responsible for defining and changing these points. When these points change, a call to a function called updateWall() occurs, and the geometry of the Shape element of the Wall node’s template is updated accordingly.

All this source code is available for you to see.
Floorplanner 1.0 files are linked on this page: Floor Planner
Floorplanner 2.0 files are linked on this page: Floorplanner (Typescript)

I recommend using Floorplanner 2.0, as it has many features 1.0 does not have. Though of course, the code is more complex. Feel free to ask me more questions and I’ll answer as best as I can