Want to place chart canvas in another canvas


I want to place chart into another canvas, diagram like below shape. I want two canvas one is outer canvas having footer and header with border and second is
for org chart. We need functionality for zoomin/Out for both. If I zoomIn/Out from bottum then only outer canvas should zoom and inner
should not(that is fix) and if we zoomIn/Out from chart zoom then only chart canvas should zoom and outer should fixed and also flexibility
to change the page size by outer canvas like A4,A3 letter etc.
and also in potrait or landscap. If we zoom inner canvas then scroll should appear according to height and widht automatically.

Don’t you get that behavior automatically if you implement your chart zoom control as HTML (which you appear to already have done) along with the header and the footer as HTML? And then the bottom zoom control just zooms the page?

I don’t know if this helps, but you might want to read: http://gojs.net/latest/intro/legends.html

Thanks for quick reply…
I have implemented chart zoom functionality as zoomin/out for chart only not for HTML(using property myDiagram.commandHandler.increaseZoom(); and myDiagram.commandHandler.decreaseZoom(); for zooming chart. We have inner part as canvas chart and outer part as HTML which having header and footer. Bottum Zoomin/out working for outer part on HTML only and chart zoomin/out working on chart only.
We have implemented same functionality which I need in silvarlight. But if gojs having any such kind of functionality. Then please suggest. I want to replace Outer part HTML in outer canvas as well.

Below link is not helpful… please suggest any other.

Are you saying that you want the bottom zoom control to not only change the apparent size of the Diagram DIV, but also its Diagram.scale so that the area shown in the viewport of the document stays the same? If so, you just need to adjust Diagram.scale along with the scaling of the HTML.

No I am saying that, I want to if user is zooming from bottom then chart diagram should not be zoom along with HTML,that is it should be fixed and only outer part should zoom, and if user is zooming from top then HTML part should not zoom along with chart area.

Well, then, scale the Diagram.div so that it doesn’t seem to change size even though the rest of the page is scaled. All of this is just HTML manipulation, which is beyond the scope of GoJS.