Want to remove shadow from Panel TableRow item

As mention in diagram i want to remove panel row shadow:

Related Code:

Hello sandip,

What is DetailsTemplate doing ?
What is UnselectedBrush doing ?
Can you please provide code instead pictures ?

Also you sure that you have no empty values in the array ?

Why are you setting itemTemplate and other properties twice?

Could you please remove unneeded code and then share with us the whole template?

Please Check Updated Clean Code:

Details Template:

Method to change Row Background:

I still don’t know how your Node template is defined.

Do you see the shadow on the item only after the user clicks it?

If you set shadowVisible to false on the DetailsTemplate, does that help?

This is Node Template of Panel Row:

I need to apply a shadow on a node, but I don’t want to apply it to table row items. I’ve tried setting shadowVisible to false, but I haven’t found a solution yet.

Try setting shadowVisible to false on the Panel holding all of the items.

On Panel Table Row shadowVisible to false is Not working

No, I meant on the “Table” Panel holding all of the rows.

[EDIT] Hmmm, there seems to be a bug here. We’ll fix this for the next release.