WARNING: a `go` object on the root object


updating from 2.1.x to 2.2.x, I get the above error.
from this thread : WARNING: a `go` object on the root object is already defined
I understand I need to do some code changes, it’s just not clear which changes should be made?
I am only calling gojs like this : import * as go from “gojs”;


It means that you are loading the GoJS library more than once, which in general is a bad idea.

Search all of the source files to make sure that all of the import statements are loading the same file.

they are, there is only one instance of the gojs library in the project,
and all calls are to the same location

So you are not using any extensions in the GoJS package. OK. That would normally be the most common way for a different GoJS library to be loaded.

I suppose some code might have defined their own “go” variable.