Watermark after updating the Goxam package from Nuget

Hi Walter,

We were using version 2.2.4 of GoXam package and had applied the license key and there was no watermark shown. But after updating the package to 3.0.1 from nuget. After this update I am getting the evaluation watermark.


You’ll need to update your development license so that it includes 3.0 (if it doesn’t already), and then get a new run-time license key for your application. You can do that by running the GoXamLicenseManager.exe.

Hi Walter,
I downloaded the latest samples for GoXam but I was not able to find the LicenseManager.exe. Has the location been changed ? Where can I find it ?

In the “tools” folder.


If you want the latest samples and docs, as well as the DLLs and License Manager, you can download the kit (a ZIP file) from our web site.