Watermark appeared after updating from 2.0.14 to 2.1.9

We have not find a solution, so decided to start a new topic.
We have upgraded gojs package from 2.0.14 to 2.1.9 and watermark appears. We have a licensekey seting as go.licenseKey = options.licenseKey and it worked before upgrade.
Can you help us solve this?
Thank you!

Whenever you upgrade to a new major or minor version number you have to get a new licenseKey at https://www.nwoods.com/app/activate.aspx?sku=gojs

Understand, thank you. By getting a new it means updating an obtaining a new updated key, or buying a new one?

If you update to a new bug-fix baselevel rather than upgrade to a new minor or major version, no new license key is needed.

I don’t know what your company has purchased (you don’t list your order number in your profile preferences in this forum) so I cannot tell whether your company needs to make a new purchase or not. I suggest you just ask for a new license key, and it will tell you.

Ok thank you!