Watermark showing for some components but not others

@walter I have gojs license key used our project . deploy the code in dev environment
In dev server one component water mark not show but remining component water mark shows how to avoid showing water mark(I used license key in all component) in dev server.

Are you sure that you have set go.Diagram.licenseKey = "..."; in each component? Or at least in each page?

yes each component I used license key. Water Mark not shows in localhost but dev server it shows

Is your dev server not at localhost? Your initial message said that the watermark does not show for one component when served from your dev server, but that it does show in another component served from your dev server.

If you have a shared dev server, get a second license key string for that internal dev server domain.

@walter We are using TreeLayout in one page and ForceDirectedLayout in another page within the same domain.
We have a premium license, but I’m seeing watermak in ForceDirectedLayout page and the TreeLayout page works fine.

May I know why I’m getting watermark in the ForceDirectedLayout page?

Check in the debugger the value of go.Diagram.licenseKey. Are you sure that you set it before constructing the Diagram?

yes walter

Are there any interesting differences between the two pages, one that works and one that doesn’t?

yes walter. I think no differences between these two pages.

And both pages are being served from the same domain or localhost? What are those two URLs?

If they are being served from the same domain, the behavior really ought to be the same.

If you make a duplicate of the page that does not show a watermark, does it show a watermark?

If you then change the Diagram.layout to be different, does it continue (not) to show a watermark?

I changed the layout but still now - water mark shows.
I make a duplicate of the page - water mark not shows

The choice of layout in GoJS code has absolutely no effect on license checking. There must be some other difference in your initialization of Diagram.licenseKey or domain that the page is served from.