Web:GoOverview -How to move Selection


in GoOverview you see the hole graph and the part which is shown in GoView is shown in GoOverview within a rectangle.
How can I move this rectangle with the mouse?
I know clicking somewhere in GoOverview moves the rectangle to this point, but I need a left click to the rectangle, hold the mouse button down, drag the mouse to any point in GoOverview and when the mouse button is released the selection rectangle should move to the point where the mouse button went up.
thanks for your help

Do you see it work in our samples but not in your app? (You have to drag it by the edge when you see the move cursor… I’ll admit it isn’t easy. GoOverview works much better if you just use it for click-to-center-here.


"GoOverview works much better if you just use it for click-to-center-here" yes, I know this, but my customer wants to click anywhere in the rectangle and drag then

OK, to do this, you have to change the “ContainsPoint” in GoOverview, which takes two simple classes:

public class MyOverviewRect : GoOverviewRectangle {

public override bool ContainsPoint(PointF p) {

RectangleF a = this.Bounds;

return a.X <= p.X && p.X <= a.X + a.Width && a.Y <= p.Y && p.Y <= a.Y + a.Height;



public class MyOverview : GoOverview {

public override GoOverviewRectangle CreateOverviewRectangle(GoView observed) {

MyOverviewRect or = new MyOverviewRect();

return or;