Weird Blinking behavior when zooming and defining Opacity


I’ve uptadeted to your latest build (1.8.25) and this issue started to appear.
when I am using the mouse wheel to zoom in, the screen start to blink.
This wasn’t happening on your previous version that i used (i think 1.8.17).
during the zoom in\out the state is changing for some of the objects on the graph.

before a scroll zoom in:



(go.Panel, "Auto", { opacity: nodeOpacity, stretch: go.GraphObject.Fill }, (go.Shape, “Rectangle”, {
// the rectangular shape around the members
name: “GroupShape”,
strokeWidth: 1,
fill: nodeBackground,
stretch: go.GraphObject.Fill
,(go.Panel, "Vertical", { defaultAlignment: go.Spot.Center }, (go.Placeholder, {
margin: 10,
alignment: go.Spot.Center,
padding: 10,
stretch: go.GraphObject.Fill


That’s odd. Could you please describe the browser software and hardware configuration?

And is there something that your code does with opacity when the user causes any input events, especially with mouse wheel events and zooming?

On all major browsers: FireFox, IE11 and Chrome.
Running on Windows 10.

Here are the changes that i made for zooming:
myDiagram.toolManager.mouseWheelBehavior = go.ToolManager.WheelZoom;
myDiagram.commandHandler.zoomFactor = 1.15;

So you’re not changing any Group element opacity due to any input events? nodeOpacity is just a constant?

Hmmm, I think the problem is due to a performance optimization that we just introduced. We’ll figure it out and fix it for the next release.

Yes, just a constant.
Thanks for the optimization (really helpful), i will really appriciate if you let me know once it’s fixed.