What causes ChangedBounds?

I’ve got some GoSimpleNodes initialized with an imagelist of 32x32 icons. I loop through them, changing the index so their icon changes. Sometimes, I get a ChangedBounds in the sub-hint where the width and height have increased by exactly 12 pixels from OldRect to NewRect. I’m not moving the node, and the X and Y in NewRect are unchanged.
Does someone have any idea what would be causing this?

When a GoImage property change causes the System.Drawing.Image to change, if GoImage.AutoResizes is true, it checks the size of that System.Drawing.Image. If the size is different than the GoImage’s size, then it calls GoObject.SetSizeKeepingLocation to update the GoImage’s Bounds.
So I don’t know why what you are seeing would be happening. Does setting GoSimpleNode.Image.AutoResizes to false change anything?

Thanks for the quick response. At first glance, it does look like node.Image.AutoResizes = false; gets rid of this odd behavior. Maybe this is a bug?