What Northwoods Product To Use?

Hi -
Using Visual C++ 6.0 and the Graphviz < http://www.graphviz.org/ > graphics package I developed a requirement traceability tool. The user drags and drop an XML file to the interface of the tool to generate the diagram. As shown the depiction of the relationship is static.
I was reviewing the GoDiagram for .NET, GoDiagram for MFC (GO++) and GoDiagram Express products, and I have some questions that will hopefully aid me in making a decision. I am interested in using one of these graphical packages in order to enhance my tool.
The enhancements that I want to make are:
1) With the tool I developed, I want to make the relationships dynamic allowing the user to move the relationships across the screen. For example, if I clicked on "ORC 1" and move that object around the screen all the objects attached to it will move in conjunction.
2) I want to allow the user to minimize some relationships at will. For example, if i click on "MOT 901" object "JOBS 3" will be hidden.
3) I want to add a tree list view (i.e. Windows Explorer interface) that will give another graphical depiction of the requirement relationships. If a user clicks on a item of the tree them then that requirement will be in focus in the picture view.
I didn't know how to word this but here is a clearer picture of what I mean.
Using the pictured example the tree list view will be:
|--> MOT 1
|--> MOT 150
|--> MOT 123
|--> MOT 3
|--> MOT 99
|--> MOT 321
|--> IBM 54
|--> MOT 901
|--> JOBS 3
|--> MOT 32
If a user clicked on MOT 3 then MOT 3 (with the boxes) will be in focus by having it appear in the view, if it isn't already presented.
I am pretty familiar with C++ and recently new to .NET. I would prefer to do this in .NET so I can learn this new architecture, and it seems easier to work with since there are all these 3rd party components out there.
My questions are with the information provided...
1) Will the GoDiagram Express suit my needs or will I need to use one of the paid versions?
2) I read that Northwoods Software offers support but I'm sure that is limited. Does anyone recommend any additional consultants that are not isted on this page; http://www.nwoods.com/company/Consultants.htm .
Thanks for your time and for any input provided.
I stopped coding in C++ as soon as I could. Java and .NET are incomparably more pleasant and productive.
Sounds like you can use GoDiagram Express. Check out the TreeApp sample application. You'll want to use simple GoRectangles as the shapes used by the nodes, instead of the gradient ellipses.
As far as the TreeView is concerned, that's easy to implement and synchronize with the GoView, but I can't think of any example code that I could give you.
GoDiagram Express includes a SimpleTreeLayout class in the Demo1 sample. If you want a more sophisticated tree layout, you will need to purchase GoDiagram Win professional.
GoDiagram Express does not include any support, but you can purchase it. GoDiagram Win includes some support, and you can purchase more.


Thanks for the advice. I will look cloesly at what you recommend as well as pursing more of this forum to gain better ideas.