What other properties affect ArrangmentOrigin

Hi Northwoods,

I've got a derived subgraph that overrides LayoutChildren so as to set the handle location.
When I use the DigraphLayout to layout the subgraphs and their nodes, there's a large gap/margin on top, even though the layout's arrangement origin is set to 0,0.
The 1st node in the goview doesn't appear at 0, 0 either,
its more like :
(165 pixel gap)
|-> Node 2 <--
Node1 <-- |-> Node3
By tweaking values, I've changed the arragement origin to (0, -165) and now the gap is gone.
What other properties will affect the layout's arrangementorigin?
the subgraph's TopLeftMargin = new SizeF(35, 5);
I'm working on a test solution to illustrate and identify the problem

Dear Northwoods,

I was able to trace what seems to affect the gap to the following option
slayout.InitializeOption = GoLayoutLayeredDigraphInitIndices.DepthFirstIn;
Can you please explain this option in a little more detail? This option messed with the goview size/document bounds etc.
So what does "DepthFirstIn" actually do?
am using version 4.0.0.X

Are you performing a nested layout of the nodes and links inside your subgraph?

I’m wondering if you are unintentionally laying out parts of your subgraph other than the nodes and links that you care about. That might cause the extra space in the layout, which you have tried to remove artificially.

How are you doing the layout?

I wouldn’t play with any of the layout options until we get the basics right.

Hi Walter,

thanks for the tip, when I saw the sample I recoded the sample to avoid recursion, but I'm using the goView.Document to layout the subgraphs -- which is likely what you mean.
I'm laying out the nodes within the subgraph, followed by laying out the subgraphs themselves,
so the key item in question is which IGoCOllection is used for the layout's network -- and using the Document isn't the right collection.

Hi Walter,

Thanks for your advice, but I think I'll need to put this into the email support queue, so as to send screen shots etc.