What version for my purposes?


I'm a newbie here, so bear with me please
I would like to build an app in .NET to be able to use a big amount of scripts (perl and awk) I have written for different purposes. The idea would be to be able to use these tools as objects and pipeline them in different configurations and be able to access arguments of these scripts interactively. I have found an excellent example in Safe software's Feature Manipulation Engine (FME). Their workbench program is exactly what I would like to achieve. I understand from this website that they have used GoDiagram for the UI.
My question is: what version do I need to emulate the FME principle ? Would I have enough with the Express version or do I need the Win version ?
I can't comment on whether Safe Software has used our products or not, unless our web site already says so.
But from looking at the screenshots, FME looks like it was implemented using GO++ (i.e. in C++), not using GoDiagram (for .NET).
Nevertheless you should be able to use GoDiagram Win or GoDiagram Web to create such applications. GoDiagram Express does not support constructing such complicated nodes.