Which model and layout should I use?

hi , I have a node “DataD” which has maybe more than one “parent”, like “DataA”, “DataB” and “DataC”, meanwhile, the node “DataD” has some children “DataE”,“DataF”, and so on. It looks like this. And which model and layout should I use?

Probably GraphLinksModel and LayeredDigraphLayout.

Although if you will only have one central node like “D”, you could do something like what the Double Tree sample does in GoWpfDemo, where the “D” node would be the one “root” node.

thank you. Can the left tree and right tree have different models? For the left tree, the children come from a list named “FromList” of SubType_1, and for the right tree, the children come from a list named “ToList” of SubType_2, and the SubType_ and SubType_2 both implement the same interface BaseType. If different models are not allowed, what should I do ? Also , the node should be expanded and collaseped.

I guess GraphLinksModel and LayeredDigraphLayout are better choices, right ,according to my description?

A Diagram can only show one model at a time, so you will need to merge your data into one NodesSource collection and one LinksSource collection. But the node data objects can be instances of different classes, as can be the link data objects.

There isn’t enough information for me to suggest one layout over another. They are easy to replace at any time.