Why different my node?

hi !
I use GraphNode at Gowin2.2.2
but when i work express version, node have just 1 port.
so sample use n.Port.PartID but I’m using n.InPort.PartID and n.OutPort.PartID.
why is it different?
I’d like to use just 1 port . Can i use n.Port.PartID?

It’s just an example class. You can use the code from the Express version if you want.

Hi! Walter
but there isn’t n.Port attribute.
You mean I can make a node using express version’s dll?

No, I’m saying you can use the sample code that is in the GoDiagram Express kit’s Samples directories with the GoDiagram Win DLLs, if you prefer.
In GoDiagram Express ProtoApp.GraphNode inherits from GoIconicNode, whereas in GoDiagram Win ProtoApp.GraphNode inherits from GoSimpleNode, which doesn’t exist in GoDiagram Express.