Why GoPort does not have a TooltipText property?

This is not a problem, just a question about something which seem weird to me:
In GoNode, there is a ToolTipText property. But in GoShape (which derivate from GoNode), this property is hidden, and so the only option is to override the method GetToolTip(GoView). As GoPort are GoShape, this “problem” extend to port too.
I wonder why there is such differences ? Why GoShape does not have a ToolTipText property as well ?

GoNode and GoLink support the ToolTipText property to make it easier to set/get tooltips on the high level objects. And GoNode and GoLink then override GoObject.GetToolTip to return that text.

We could have added a ToolTipText to GoPort (or GoShape), but decided the cost of an extra string property for an object that can get used a lot wasn’t warranted, given there is a virtual hook to add the tooltip if you need it.

Thx for your answer.

IMHO, the only small drawback is to force create a derivate GoPort when changing Tooltip is required, instead of overriding MakePort(…) and add the ToolTip on the fly.

Please note this is not a feature request, as overhead is really negligible.