Width of MultitextNode: How to set?


I have created a multitextnode similar to the thing shown in the explorer windows in XP if you open your workplace (Arbeitsplatz). It consists of a headlabel with a dark blue background and a white text color.

Then I’ve added some items to it: Text and Symbols.

One of them in each row.

I did a layout like said above.

Now I am trying to re-set the width

of the nodes to match the width of the gopalette

they’re in.

How may I do this?

if I set another width, nothing changes…

If I try to set the property ImageWidth of GoMultiTextNode

the width changes, but then the Images get scaled in width, too.

But this is not the behaviour I want.

So please tell me, how could I change the width, without the images to getscaled?

Another thing would be making the blue dark background label with the white text in it (which is the headline of the notes)

as wide as the nodes width.


When you set GoMultiTextNode.ItemWidth, you may also need to set other properties of the items (i.e. the ListGroup children objects).
The standard behavior when you set GoMultiTextNode.ItemWidth is to set the GoObject.Width of each item, as well as the GoText.WrappingWidth for each item that is a GoText.
We’ll add a method, GoMultiTextNode.OnItemWidthChanged, for you to override if you don’t like that behavior or if you want to extend it.