Windows Control in Goxam

I should use a grid control in a node of group. I have two questions? Is it possible to add a group object to a group object?
My other question is: Is it possible to add a windows control to a group object?
Thanks for the replies, in advance…

Many of the sample node DataTemplates make use of the Grid element. The EntityRelationship sample includes a DataGrid in each node.

In fact you can use practically anything you want in a node DataTemplate. That’s true for both Silverlight and WPF. Just add the XAML in the DataTemplate. So you can also include a Windows Forms control to a node in WPF.

Regarding your other question, yes, Groups can be members of Groups, with no particular limit. For two examples, look at the Navigation sample and the Grouping sample.

Hi Walter,
Thanks for your quick reply and time…I have solved the problems which asked yesterday.But there is a problem. I put a grid in datatemplate, made bindings for related attributes. I am taking data to grid from databse with wcf web service.But I could not find how to set ItemSource of grid in .cs side.The grid is shown in diagram but there is no data in it…
Thanks for the reply , in advance…

If you are implementing a WCF RIA web application in Silverlight, you might want to watch the videos on our documentation page: GoXam Documentation.

Basically when the data is loaded you need to assign the collection to the corresponding node data property that you have defined. If your node data class implements INotifyPropertyChanged and that property raises the PropertyChanged event, and if your DataGrid (or whatever you are using) is data-bound to that property, it should automatically populate itself.