Wmf file


There is the possibility to save the goView graph to a .wmf file or to some other vectored image?


From the FAQ:

How do I save a picture of a diagram?

For a bitmap rendition, you can call the GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection method, and save the resulting Bitmap object to a file.

<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Bitmap bmp = myView.GetBitmapFromCollection(myView.Document);

Stream outf = File.OpenWrite(@"C:\temp\MyView.bmp");

bmp.Save(outf, ImageFormat.Bmp);


outf = File.OpenWrite(@"C:\temp\MyView.gif");

bmp.Save(outf, ImageFormat.Gif);


outf = File.OpenWrite(@"C:\temp\MyView.jpeg");

bmp.Save(outf, ImageFormat.Jpeg);

outf.Close();But note that this only results in a picture of a diagram—you cannot read the image in and easily reconstruct the document and its objects in memory.


This is ok to save a bitmap but not a vectorial image!!!
There is a mode to save a vectorial image??


You could try saving to SVG, which was introduced in version 2.2.2.