Workflow Diagrams


I am working on a forms and workflow application. I am looking for a workflow designer tool and was wondering if your product could do this. The requirement is to be able to define logic around a workflow and generate a windows workflow foundation xaml file off the back of it.

I’ve seen your workflow diagram tool and it looks very good. Would it be feasible to enhance this to support logic and generate xaml files from it?

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Yes, that is exactly the kind of app that GoJS is designed for.

Now GoJS does not have any knowledge of XAML or Windows Workflow, but you can construct XML in JavaScript and send it to your server. The process would not be much different than what Model.toJson does when generating JSON from the Diagram.model. And of course you would need to implement the reverse too: converting WF XAML back into JavaScript objects from which you can create a GraphLinksModel and then assign Diagram.model.

Sounds good. I am relatively new to Javascript. Would I ‘extend’ the GraphicLinksModel class? I know extend has a slightly different meaning in Javascript than to say, Java or C#, but in essence I want to subclass GraphicLinksModel adding a new method called say ‘ModelToXaml’.

Also, on double-clicking a node, I want to display a dialog allowing the user to setup conditionals eg “Expenses > 1000”. Is this a case of subclassing the node class?

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I don’t see a need for you to subclass GraphLinksModel. Just call your function, passing it a model.

Double-clicking a node you can implement by setting the GraphObject.doubleClick event handler on your node template. That can display an HTML form, probably in a floating window, to show whatever data you want. No subclassing of GoJS classes is needed. Some examples include and, although I think both depend on selection rather than double clicking to show an editor for the (selected) node.