Works of Link curviness with Ports

I’ve got 2 issues:

  1. Link’s Curiness doesn’t work if I use Nodes with Ports
  2. Link’s Arrow has wrong direction if I use Nodes with Ports

Are they bugs or I made something wrong?

you could check it here. Plunker - GoJs Link Port Arrows Curviness

In cases such as your multi-port Nodes, you are specifying a fromSpot and a toSpot. In this particular case I think your fromSpot is go.Spot.Right and your toSpot is go.Spot.Left.

For Bezier curved Links, the control points of the curve are specified by the fromEndSegmentLength and toEndSegmentLength. So there is no freedom for Link.curviness to have any effect. If you want to increase the curviness of the link’s path, you’ll need to increase the two ...EndSegmentLength properties.

Regarding the angle of the arrowheads – that is mathematically the correct direction, because the end segments for ports that have spots are indeed horizontally out from/to the connection point at the port. The difference will not be as noticeable if you increase the `…EndSegmentLength** properties.