Works on dev server but not in IIS


I have a diagram that will display fine when I am using the development web server but will not display using IIS.
Using IIS, it will sit in the PerformLayout method for 10 minutes or more. When using web dev server it returns immediately.
I have this problem with a couple diagrams but 95% will display just fine using either server.
Any ideas?

What version of GoDiagram Web are you using?

currently on

Do you know if you were performing layouts on precisely the same diagrams on both servers, with IIS sometimes hanging?

If so, and maybe even if you don’t know for sure, I’m guessing that this is a .NET CLR/JIT bug.

I believe we have a special DLL for version 2.6 that attempts to avoids this problem. Version 3.0 includes such changes in the distributed kit. I don’t know if a modified DLL exists for version 2.5, though.

Yes, exactly the same diagram.

If this is a known issue I will upgrade my project to the latest release. Assuming 3.0 is ok with .Net 2.0?

Yes, it is.