Wpf 4 touch support


I’m considering the use of the GoXam tool for a collaborative diagram tool on a Microsoft Surface table. I need to have it working with touch (drag to add, edit, move, zoom, etc.) I noticed that currently this tool uses 3.5. Will there be a next version with touch? Or is this something I need to program myself (requiring source code access)?

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The kit for VS2010 has always included a DLL that was compiled for .NET 4.0.

The current functionality works with touch interfaces, but it is not designed to work well with them. For example, tool handles by default are designed to be used by a mouse, not a finger. (Of course you can easily style these differently – modify the standard style, shown in GenericWPF.Xaml in the docs subdirectory.) And there is no support for pinch zooming. (I believe that is something that you can implement yourself.)

We are intending to improve this in a future release.