Wrapper group let child groups to get outside when moving one inner group

I have 2 two types of groups: Subscription group and Resource group. Subscription is allowed to contain only resourcegroup. my issue is that when ever i move one of the resource groups of the subscription the subscription remains in the same size with the result the resource groups to get out of the borders of the subscription.
Here is an example.
screenshot 1: Normal state

screenshot 2: After i move one of the resourcegroups

You must not be using a Placeholder in your Subscription Groups, because you do not want such Groups to have their size and position determined by the area occupied by its visible member Parts. Yet the problem seems to be a case where you do want a Subscription Group to be sized and positioned according to its member Parts.

So you could customize the dragging process to update such Groups. It would be easiest to implement a “SelectionMoved” DiagramEvent listener to find and update those Groups.
GoJS Events -- Northwoods Software
And maybe upon other diagram events as well.