XAML Figure in Diagram - SilverLight

I am using NodeFigure.Rectangle… etc in Diagram for draw a diagram. Now I want my own image NodeFigure.OwnImage at the place of NodeFigure.Rectangle. My Image files are saved in XAML format. Each images are saved in a separate file.
Is this possible to use my figures (thats available in XAML format/file) as a StaticResource or in any other way in Diagram.

NodeFigure is a .NET enumeration, so it cannot be extended.

However you can put whatever XAML you want into your Node DataTemplates. That includes all kinds of Shapes and Images and TextBlocks and panels containing all kinds of FrameworkElements.

As an example of a custom shape, look at the “Valve” DataTemplate in the Piping sample.

As examples of images, look at the BeatPaths and OrgChart samples.