XML Diagram

Hi, I am a GoDiagram customer but new to GoJS and evaluating it.
What I was wondering is: does it support an XML structure that we can point to and it reads it and creates the diagram? I basically want to create XML Documents for it to draw. I realize I can come up with my own XML Schema and parse it myself and call the appropriate GoJS calls to create the diagram, what I am asking is if it understands an xml schema and can render a diagram by me just pointing to a properly formed xml.

GoJS supports creating diagrams from JSON (the largest alternative to XML for serializing objects on web pages), and you can make your own JSON schema with all the data you need to support your diagrams.

See for instance the many samples that showcase saving and loading to JSON: http://gojs.net/beta/samples/mindMap.html

For custom shapes, GoJS also supports parsing SVG paths.

My bad, JSON is even better Smile, thanks…