Xml related Problem


I am facing problem to saving all property of GoShape ,GoImage in Xml File
through a property grid . If We change the some property throgh property grid of Goshape then it also reflect in GoShape.
For Example If I have a GoCyllinder ,GoLabelLink when i change the Font , Size , Location , Color (BackGround, ForColor etc) through property grid then this all change also save in XML file.
Can You send the a demo like application for that.
Previsously u tell a GhaphML.cs , which one not solve my problem.

What specific properties of GoShape and GoImage do you want to save?

Here I select a node and Press F4 Key, Then Properties Grid Open.
I want to set the Brush Color ,Pen Color,Label tab Property,Bound Tab property, and BackGround Tab Property through the Property Grid. After Change If user save the layout then all change reflect in XML file also.
Same functionality is also affect on Link object also.
For more clear by image.

GraphML in Orgcharter does do this, perhaps not for all the properties you want, but it's easy to add more.

I'm not sure if you want the F4 properties dialog to be a part of your end-user interface, but I would recommend against it. There are certainly properties there that let the user change items like Pen Color. But at the same time, you probably don't want users changing Behavior items like Deletable or Movable.

(My personal opinion is the Properties dialog is a UI only a programmer could love, and it shouldn't be shown to an end-user.)

If you provide a more limited UI for node customization, you make the XML problem easier. For example, if you allow them to only set SolidBrush colors and not gradients. If you make that restriction, then the WriteShapeData code in OrgCharter is fine. If you allow bold fonts, for example, you have to extend the xml reader/writer...

To add support for a bold fonts, you would first add to GenerateDefinitions…

      WriteKeyDefinition("fontsize", "all", "float");
     <font color="#ff0000"> WriteKeyDefinition("fontbold", "all", "bool");  // new line</font>

then, make the changes to the Text Reader/Writer

    // read and write data for GoText
    public virtual void WriteTextData(GoText lab) {
      if (lab == null) return;
      Color c = lab.TextColor;
      Color bc = lab.BackgroundColor;
      String fn = lab.FamilyName;
      float fs = lab.FontSize;
      bool fb = lab.Bold;
      if (lab.Text.Length > 0)
        WriteData("text", lab.Text);
      if (c != Color.Black)
        WriteData("textcolor", WriteAttrVal(null, c));
      if (bc != Color.White)
        WriteData("backcolor", WriteAttrVal(null, bc));
      if (fn != GoText.DefaultFontFamilyName)
        WriteData("fontname", fn);
      if (fs != GoText.DefaultFontSize)
        WriteData("fontsize", WriteAttrVal(null, fs));
      <font color="#ff0000">if (fb)
        WriteData("fontbold", WriteAttrVal(null, fb));
    public virtual void ReadTextData(GoText lab, String attr, String val) {
      if (lab == null) return;
      if (attr == "text") {
        lab.Text = val;
      } else if (attr == "textcolor") {
        lab.TextColor = ColorFromString(val, Color.Black);
      } else if (attr == "backcolor") {
        lab.BackgroundColor = ColorFromString(val, Color.White);
      } else if (attr == "fontname") {
        lab.FamilyName = val;
      } else if (attr == "fontsize") {
        lab.FontSize = SingleFromString(val, GoText.DefaultFontSize);
      } <font color="#ff0000">else if (attr == "fontbold") {
        lab.Bold = BooleanFromString(val, false);
</font>      }

    // use this in overrides of ReadData to decide to call ReadTextData
    public virtual bool IsTextData(String attr) {
      return (attr == "text" || attr == "textcolor" || attr == "backcolor" || attr == "fontname" || attr == "fontsize"<font color="#ff0000"> || attr == "fontbold"</font>);

I hope this helps.