XML Serialization

A while back a co-worker built an application using your GoDiagram WinForms library. I am currently looking into reproducing this on the web using GoJS. The GoDiagram version of the application uses the Nortwoods.Go.Xml library to save/restore diagrams. Obviously I need to be able to load existing diagrams as well as save and restore new ones. Does GoJS support Xml serialization similar to the GoDiagram library? If not what is the preferred mechanism for serializing a diagram in GoJS?


GoJS does not have built-in support for reading and writing XML-formatted text – but it does support JSON format text, which is typical for web apps implemented in JavaScript.

If you want to, you can manipulate XML in JavaScript – search for XML DOM. Depending on how much styling information you have in your saved XML, you may need to convert some values such as fonts. And sizes might be slightly different, especially if the they are dependent on text sizing. Furthermore GoJS has a much more powerful and general way to define how nodes appear and behave than GoDiagram does.

Thanks for the quick reply.

The motivation for the question was for compatibility with the existing product which uses the GoDiagram XML support. I want to be able to exchange files between the two products. It would have saved some time if there was there was support in GoJS for the same format but it is certainly easy enough (if not a little tedious) to do myself.

Just wanted to make sure I had not missed something.

Thanks again