XML structure

I am drawing my chart using xml files like this

  <node label="Batch">
    <node label="Searched Batch">
      <node label ="a batch number" />
    <node label="Compound Number">
      <node label ="a compound number" />
    <node label="Parent Number">
      <node label ="a parent number" />
    <node label="Chemist Name">
      <node label ="Name 1" />
    <node label="Quantity Available">
      <node label ="N/A" />
    <node label="Molecular Formula">
      <node label ="a molecular formula" />
    <node label="Notebook Number">
      <node label="a notebook number" />
    <node label="Analytical Images">
      <node label ="show some pdf files" />
    <node label="Who has Registered Batches">
      <node label ="Name 1" />
      <node label ="Name 2" />
      <node label ="Name 3" />
      <node label ="Name 4" />
      <node label ="Name 5" />
    <node label="Chemical Structure" >
      <node label="Click to view compound image" />

And then when i draw the graph i am using  

     TreeAppNode n = new TreeAppNode();
            n.Editable = false;
            n.Selectable = true;
            goView1.ObjectSingleClicked += new GoObjectEventHandler(this.goView1_ObjectSingleClicked);

            n.LabelSpot = GoObject.Middle;
            n.Text = "";
            n.Shape = new GoRoundedRectangle();
            GoXmlBindingTransformer tr = new GoXmlBindingTransformer("node", n);
            tr.TreeStructured = true;
            tr.TreeLinkPrototype = new GoLink();
            tr.TreeLinksToChildren = true;

            tr.AddBinding("label", "Text");
            GoDocument doc = goView1.Document;

            GoXmlReader rdr = new GoXmlReader();
            rdr.RootObject = goView1.Document;
            using (StreamReader file = new StreamReader("examplepdf.xml"))
            GoLayoutTree layout = new GoLayoutTree();
            //layout.Angle = 90;
            layout.Document = doc;
            // other customizations are described in the GoLayout User Guide

what i wanted to know is , is there anyway of changing this so 
that the graph is drawn the same but so the xml file doesnt use generic node 
tags with label attributes


Not following you… what do you want the XML to look like?