Xml to json file converter or so

hi all!

I’m new to GoJs and this is my first post.

I want to ask a simple question.

Is it possible to export a XML file from drawi.io to GoJs?
For what i’ve researched it is a little difficult because the Json file of GoJs has a particular Key/Value format with a lot of data from the project (im using Flowchart template).

Thanks in advance!


The standard persistence format for GoJS is JSON, not XML. So you will need to load the XML DOM and transform it all into JavaScript objects. The exact property names don’t matter because those would be app-specific, determined by the data bindings in the templates and any app code.

But that does mean you would need to conceptually map the draw.io properties to GoJS properties. It wouod probably simplify things if you split up those style strings into separate properties with real values.

Hi! thanks a lot for the answer.

I see this a little tricky and confusing because i think is not a direct match of both files. Maybe it is not well developed yet or so.

Do you have any example to work for?.


Actually, I was going to ask you for a simple but comprehensive example. Along with any image files and behavioral descriptions.

Ok, how can i upload a file in here?

I don’t know that the forum supports that. Most people just post a file somewhere else and provide a link. Or you can email it to us at GoJS at our domain, nwoods.com.

I do have to say that we are unlikely able to provide a complete solution for importing such files. We can make a start on it but we will not have enough resources to finish and maintain it.

Sorry, the paste was not there.

Try again here 0bin - encrypted pastebin

I was able to see the text, but the text is almost entirely opaque – just a lot of base64. That’s useless for export.