Zoom icon on scroll bar

I have a diagram and the diagram has a scroll bar enabled. I have a zoom option in diagram and the zoom has a zoom cursor, when I place the cursor near scroll bars it is showing zoom cursor. Expected behavior it should be pointer at scroll bars anytime regardless whether zoom enabled or not. How can we achieve this?

You’re setting Diagram.defaultCursor, aren’t you? If so, I cannot reproduce the problem that you describe.

When I have this:

$(go.Diagram, "myDiagramDiv",
    defaultCursor: "zoom-in"

I find that the scrollbars continue to show the regular default cursor, in Firefox and Edge and IE11 (although the latter doesn’t know about “zoom-in”, so I tried “crosshair” instead).

Thanks for the reply Walter.

But in my case it is not working, can you provide me a sample where we have Zoom-in and scrollbars?

I just showed you what I did. You can set that Diagram.defaultCursor property in almost any sample.