Zoom lost


I am using a Palette and a Diagram on the same view. When I zoom the items in the Diagram and then select an item in the Palette, the zoom reverts back to the initial value. How can I make the zoom keep it’s value?


That is very odd – those are two independent Diagrams, so changing one should not affect the other. Unless there is some code (event handler) in your app that does so. What event handlers have you defined?

I am only using CommandHandler.IncreaseZoomCommand and CommandHandler.DecreaseZoomCommand for zoom.

I am unable to reproduce this problem in any of the sample apps, such as the Flow Chart sample or the Logic Circuit sample.

Could you help me reproduce the problem? As I asked in my previous reply, I was wondering if you had defined an event handler that might be causing the problem.

I will check to see if I can isolate the problem in a small project and then post it here.