ZOrder problem -GoMultiText not rendered correctly

Hi Guys,

I created a new layer in front of the default layer (_alertsLayer = this.Layers.CreateNewLayerAfter(null);)

I assumed that all go objects added to that layer will be on top of all other objects which are in the default layer.

here is what i get:

As you can see the green border of the Concatenate activity is drawn above the yellow GoMultiTextNode even though the GoMultiTextNode is added to the new layer

What can be wrong?


Adi Barda

Each GoDocument has a set of GoLayers, but each GoView has its own set of layers, including both view-specific layers and document-specific layers.

By default the view’s collection of layers will include all of its document’s layers and will have two view-specific layers: the default view layer that holds selection handles and tool handles and other temporary things used by tools, and the view’s Background layer that holds a grid and/or sheet.

I’m sorry Walter but I didn’t understand what can I do.

Do you suggest that I’ll create a new layer in the GoView as well?

Sorry about that.

Just rearrange the layers in the GoView.Layers collection to be the way you want.

If you want to maintain your own custom ordering of layers even when the GoView.Document is replaced, you can either re-order the layers each time or you can override GoView.InitializeLayersFromDocument to do what you want.