Bad shortcut mapping for european keyboards

Since 3.0.0 it seems that for european keyboards, mapping are still locked on us (for example in order to perform a ctrl+z I need to do a ctrl+w which close the chrom tab :/
Same for ctrl+a which becomes a ctrl+q

I ensured that my computer is in my local mapping
I tried to change it to english mapping, and it’s working as expected

Try updating to the latest version (which I think now is 3.0.3).

I was in 3.0.2, I moved to 3.0.3 but the issue remains the same

Does any of your diagram-related code deal with keyboard keys? That did change for v3.0: Change Log | GoJS

You’ll note there that we did fix a problem introduced by that v3.0 change dealing with key codes instead of characters. Perhaps we didn’t change it thoroughly? Are all keyboard shortcuts broken? Which local mapping are you using?

I am using Belgium mapping
I tried to remove all custom mapping but it didn’t change anything

We’ll investigate this and get back to you.

Could you tell me if this sample, which uses a new build of the library, works as you would expect for copy/paste and undo/redo shortcuts?

Yes it is
Next update I guess ?

Yes, probably today or tomorrow. We’d like to be sure it works for all users. The changes we made that broke this were to support Cyrillic keyboard layout shortcuts better.

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@C0casio45 we just released 3.0.4 ,which should fix this.