Undo/Redo Keyboard Shortcuts Broken

since GoJS 3.0.1 the undo and redo keyboard shortcuts seem to be broken for european(german) keyboard layouts.

3.0.0 worked like expected
3.0.1 introduced changes regarding handling of InputEvent key/code, which seems to have broken the shortcuts.
As suggested in this topic I upgrade to the latest version of GoJS (3.0.6 at the time of writing. We had 3.0.4 before that).
This upgrade did not fix the issue.

Current behavior:

Pressing ctrl+z: Triggers Redo
Pressing z: Undo
Pressing ctrl+y OR y: Redo

We do not overwrite doKeyDown or doKeyUp in any significant way. We call super in every case and do not alter the event.

We’re very sorry about this. We’ve just released 3.0.7, which we hope fixes these kinds of problems for everyone: GoJS 3.0.7 released

Thank you Walter.
I will try it tomorrow and mark your answer as solution, if it works.