Blurriness while scrolling on windows 10 + chrome

I have seen a post about this before but didn’t see a resolution to the issue. (Chrome & GoJS's blurred textblock - #9 by simon)

I have a video of this happening in our product, but it won’t let me upload it so here are two screenshots of the video itself.

we are using a licensed version of GoJS, v 1.8.15 i think currently.

Does this persist if you set:

myDiagram.setRenderingHint('viewportOptimizations', false);

I gave that a shot but didn’t see any difference in behavior. Is there anything else I can try? I also notice it on chrome under MacOS, if that information is at all helpful.


Sorry, my mistake. Instead, try:

myDiagram.setRenderingHint('temporaryPixelRatio', false);

During some operations we set the pixel ratio to a lower number for performance reasons. On high density displays, this will result in a “blur” look as you drag. You should be able to turn it off by setting this rendering hint.

That totally worked. Is there a list of rendering hints and performance options that can be toggled somewhere that we can reference?

No, sorry, but they are all intentionally undocumented and unsupported at this time.