ContextMenu Example in IE11 Not Working

I discovered this issue using 1.8.4. The “right-click” is not responding and displaying the context menu. In fact, in my own testing, the “show” event isn’t even firing to trigger the function showContextMenu…

var myContextMenu = $(go.HTMLInfo, show: showContextMenu, mainElement: cxElement });

I have tried this in both the 1.8.4 online example as well as the beta example with the same results. It works fine in Chrome. Give it a spin yourself.

We are in an evaluation phase and this is one of the features we really liked. Any idea of a pending fix? Gotta love IE. :-/


Yes, we just discovered this ourselves. It’s our fault, not IE’s fault – it worked in 1.8.2. We’ll fix this in 1.8.5, very soon.

We have just fixed this in the beta. Please try it again. The context menus should work:


It is working great now. Thank you! :-) As a fellow developer, I feel your pain in regards to IE.

And let me take this opportunity to say that GoJS is pretty sweet. The documentation, tutorials, APIs, and examples are quite impressive. That is certainly no small task. The effort and attention to detail is commendable. It has made the learning curve fairly easy and enjoyable. Awesome product!!!


1.8.5 has been released as “latest”.