Custom key property for links


we have a model like this for connector when we generate links

            "category": "connector",
            "subCategory": "canvas",
            "points": [
                    "x": 0.0,
                    "y": 0.0
            "uid": "07ac17f4-45d6-494b-adac-09b5cbc7e2b5",
            "sourceUid": "07cc67f4-45d6-494b-adac-09b5cbc7e2b6",
            "targetUid": "2ba85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6"

but in our case links are creating like this , (Note: node has uid present) but when we generate link it creates by itself providing the to and from as single number.
Also to note: uid present in nodes are uniquely generated just need to change the to and from based on uid
How to override this, can u provide me some code reference for the same .

category: "connector"
from: -2
points: [
 {x: -197.8573527504416, y: 40.04136752136753}
 {x: -197.8573527504416, y: 30.041367521367533}
 {x: -197.8573527504416, y: 28}
 {x: -93.8573527504416, y: 28}
 {x: -93.8573527504416, y: -109.95863247863247}
 {x: -93.8573527504416, y: -119.95863247863247}
to: -1
__gohashid: 1204

Note: 1st code reference is what we want, 2nd code reference is what we are getting

You need to set a bunch of properties on each model:
Model.nodeKeyProperty: “uid”
Model.makeUniqueKeyFunction to a function that returns a UID

GraphLinksModel.linkKeyProperty: “uid”
GraphLinksModel.makeUniqueLinkKeyFunction to a function that returns a UID
GraphLinksModel.linkFromKeyProperty: “sourceUid”
GraphLinksModel.linkToKeyProperty: “targetUid”

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