Does GoXam is going to make use of UIA interfaces?


We are making use of goXam for our project and looking out for some options in UI automation.
We came across some tools like TestStack(earlier known as white.core), Renorex, Telerik Test Studio etc.
But the problem that we are facing is that, we are unable to access the nodes and the links.

I just came across some assembly from microsoft which actually helps us to get the UI components for UI automation.

Does goXam makes use of UIA? if not is there any plans to make use of it in future releases ?

No, it doesn’t, and we have no plans to do so.

Every Node and Link is in the visual tree of your application, so every detail should be available to your code.

But unfortunately, UISpy tool didnt detect the nodes which were placed on the diagram.
My intention was just to drag and drop 2 nodes and connect them with a link.
Detecting port was also another problem.

Regarding UISpy: UISpy.exe (UI Spy) | Microsoft Learn