Filter on diagram level

Is there any possibility to show only nodes which matches specific filter ? Some filter property at digram level.

With reference to another post - RadialLayout - Layerthickness -- Ellipse support , would like to show only those nodes which matches the specific filter ( key and parentkey ) instead of changing the visibility of individual nodes.
I haven’t checked yet whether if nodes are not visible, will they be processed for calculating position of other nodes or not.

There are many possibilities for achieving that effect.

Usually the first filtering happens when querying the database – deciding what tables and rows to send to the browser.

Another step in the filtering process happens when you construct the Model. You need to decide exactly which node data objects you include in the Model.nodeDataArray and which link data objects you include in the GraphLinksModel.linkDataArray.

Once the diagram has its model, you have the opportunity to show or hide any number of Nodes and Links. Normally, changing the visible property of a node or link will invalidate the layout so that it is performed again at the end of the transaction. (Remember to make all changes to an existing diagram within a single transaction.)

But you talk about not changing the value of Part.visible. Does that mean that you want to do your filtering of/in the model data? That’s fine. Could you please be more specific about the problem you have encountered?

Yes. Filtering on model and based on filter value only those nodes should get considered for display.
Something similar in the RadialLayout - where depending on maxLayers other nodes won’t get displayed.

So expecting some property at DiagramLevel - when changed expecting to perform Layout again. (Here i am assuming that the individual node data used for filtering won’t be updated – OR if multiple nodes data updated , then it would be in transaction and may be one need to invalidate the layout)

Note : To use circular layout and display items which belongs to parent on circurmference, then I need to make all other nodes invisible. - so looking for easy way.

I don’t understand what you need. Is the issue just a matter of layout working only on selected sets of Nodes and Links? You can do that in several ways, including by setting Part.isLayoutPositioned to false or by explicitly calling Layout.doLayout. See more about layout invalidation at: GoJS Layouts -- Northwoods Software