RadialLayout - Layerthickness -- Ellipse support

Can you / your team work on creating a Radial layout with X & Y radius (instead of layer thickness) to position nodes in elliptical circumference.

With this when the nodes to be aligned are of Rectangle shape, then with RadialLayout there are placed far away from the center node. They needs to as close as center without overlapping. I guess there needed some mathematical calculations and in multiple execution of code is required for optimize the diagram.

Improving RadialLayout is on our list of things to do, but adding support for ellipses is not. We can consider it, but I cannot promise anything.

May I know the expected date/version in which this improvement will be available ?

At this time there is no expected date for that new feature. Perhaps you could make use of CircularLayout, which does support layout in an ellipse instead of in a circle.

Will it be possible to set the one node in center with circular layout ?

I need center node with other node surrounded .

Yes. For example: GoJS Arrowheads