Font awesome icon is loaded after first interaction with diagram

go js diagram loads with out loading the font awesome icons on odes, once we do any interaction on the diagram the icon loads, un till then only the Unicode value display on the go.Textbox

We have uploaded all font awesome related css files in the css folder and reffered in the tag of index.html.

Note: we are working on Appian plugin

We recommend waiting to initialize the Diagram until after the font has loaded.

Perhaps this topic will help: Custom font is loaded after first interaction with diagram

We are not using npm, only a javascrpit file inside the appian plugin component contains the go js diagram implementation

??? You don’t have to use npm. Either use a CDN or copy the useful part of the code.

CDN links are directly not accessible inside Appian plugin, so included all required files within the plugin itself. and referring in the head section


font:‘12pt FontAwesome’,
new go.Binding(“text”,“icon”) ///icon:“\uf1ad”,

on load icons are not showing up instead only unicode value loads. After first inreaction with the diagram only icons loads.

Did you try copying that library into your own project?
Or just using its technique on your own page?
You could use: GitHub - zachleat/fontfaceonload: A simple utility to execute a callback when a webfont loads. ( fontfaceonload/src/fontfaceonload.js at master · zachleat/fontfaceonload · GitHub )