GoDiagram 6.3.1 released (full release history here)

(Updated June 1, 2015)

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This entry contains the history of GoDiagram releases. Release notes provided with each release have more detail.

If you are running an old version and are considering updating… just install the latest kit and try it. You can install multiple versions of GoDiagram on the same system without any issues.

A couple of points about upgrading… it shouldn’t be too hard, we’re pretty careful about upward compatibility. The biggest change was the conversion to generic collections in 4.0. Our licensing mechanism changed (for the better) in 5.0.

GoDiagram Web has been superseded, first by GoXam Silverlight, and today by GoJS for HTML5. We still support GoWeb for existing customers… but if that’s you… it’s time to think seriously about moving to GoJS.

GoDiagram Pocket is no longer supported or available.

Version 2.1 is now available. This includes products for several different platforms:
Windows Forms:

desktop (.NET Framework 1.0 or 1.1):

  • GoDiagram Win 2.1.2 and GoLayout Win 2.1.2
  • GoDiagram Express 2.1.2

PocketPC (.NET Compact Framework 1.1):

  • GoDiagram Pocket 2.1.2 and GoLayout Pocket 2.1.2

ASP.NET Web Forms:

  • GoDiagram Web 2.1.2 and GoLayout Web 2.1.2

Version 2.2 is now available. The current baselevel is 2.2.1. This includes products for several different platforms:
Windows Forms:

desktop (.NET Framework 1.0 or 1.1):

  • GoDiagram Win, GoLayout Win, and GoInstruments Win
  • GoDiagram Express

PocketPC (.NET Compact Framework 1.1):

  • GoDiagram Pocket and GoLayout Pocket

ASP.NET Web Forms:

  • GoDiagram Web, GoLayout Web, and GoInstruments Web

Version 2.2.2 is now available through the evaluation page on our web site. We’ll be sending e-mail announcements about it next week (I hope). Each kit now includes versions of all of the samples written in VB.NET, and beta support for SVG generation. There are a few bug fixes too.
Everyone that is licensed for version 2.2 will be able to use this–you’ll just need to update your assembly references in any projects and version numbers in any LICENSES.LICX files. You shouldn’t need any new unlock codes, but you are always free to re-request them for the same machine(s).
You do need to uninstall any other version 2.2 that you may have installed before.

Version 2.3.1 is now available through the evaluation page on our web site.
There are lots of new features; most are in response to suggestions, some are in anticipation of other new features that people have asked for. You can read both the summary list and the complete list in the release notes that are a part of each kit.
Some of these features are described in this forum:

Version 2.4.1 is now available

Here’s a quick list of noteworthy features, with links to notes in this forum:

Version 2.5.1 is now available via http://www.nwoods.com/go/evalform.htm.
Here’s a list of general features, with links to topics in this forum:

There are also a lot of new features in GoDiagram Web, many to better support AJAX-like “NoPost” functionality.

2.5.2 includes some installation changes (mostly due to Vista), some improvements in GoDiagram Web (for IE 7), and a few minor improvements and bug fixes.


Version 2.6.1 is now available

Several new features are shown in the following forum posts:

Also, there are new and improved editing Controls in GoDraw

2.6.2 has a few bug fixes and a few small new features.

GoDiagram Web has better support for ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanels.

We have released version 3.0.2.

It’s a big release, including 9 new sample applications with full source.

See GoDiagram 3.0 released for details.

We have released 3.0.3, a bugfix release.

List of Changes since 3.0.2

  • GoView
  • fix logic that was displaying scrollbars when they weren’t needed
  • Printing
  • make Printing based on Page 1, not Page 0
  • (GoText) when printing, don’t select font that is too large (avoids non-WYSIWYG wrapping)
  • GoBoxNode
  • fix sorting of links
  • GoLayout
  • fixes to avoid floating point exceptions (System.ArgumentException: IComparer)
  • Samples/SubGraphApp
  • fix dragging objects into a collapsed SubGraph
  • GoWeb.js
  • make sure Move cursor shows up when it should
  • in NoPost=false mode, make sure data that sets tooltip positions is requested.

We have released 4.0.0.

Major Changes:

  • new sample: DrawDemo - displays GoShape and GoFigures, a Visio-like palette and GoDraw features.

  • new sample: NodeLinkDemo - GoDiagram demo application, exhibiting a wide variety of kinds of nodes, links, and tools (DrawDemo and NodeLinkDemo were created by splitting Demo1)

  • new Sample: Pipes - a simple editor for pipes with straight, T and L shaped connectors

  • Support for generics throughout the design and implementation (see GoDiagramGenerics for details)

  • See release nodes (WinReadme / WebReadme) for minor coding changes required by generics changes

  • GoPort has a new LinksRedirectedToSubGraphPort property that determines whether links connected to ports that are inside collapsed GoSubGraphs appear to be connected to the subgraph’s GoSubGraph.Port

  • Since IGoCollection now implements IEnumerable, you can now use LINQ on GoDiagram collections, if you are using .NET 3.5.

  • GoLayout - the switch to generic collections has improved performance of LayeredDigraphLayout (about 25% in the case of a 6000 node test)

  • GoLayoutTree - Improvement that avoids overlapping nodes on orthogonal links when compacting trees.

We have released 4.1.0 with support for VS2008 and VS2010.

List of Changes

Go Bugfixes

  • Fix crash in Dispose.Hover when doing explicit dispose on GoView
  • Fix crash in Zoom while GoText is in edit mode
  • Fix GoView / GoLayer memory leak when GoView disposed
  • Fix out of place auto-increment that occasionally breaks Undo
  • Fix in GoView so that RichText (from NodeLinkDemo) editing works
  • (Web) Fix Drag and Drop to work with changes in Firefox 3.5.2

Go New Features

  • Dlls build against .NET 4.0 Client Profile
  • New RoundedLineWithJumpGaps style for Orthogonal links more…
  • New GoFigures for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) more…
  • VS2010 support - Help 3.0


  • New Offset properties on GoLayoutTree (NodeIndentPastParent and LayerSpacingParentOverlap)

We have released 4.2.0 with support for VS2008 and VS2010.

List of Changes


  • Fix dropdown positioning in GoDraw Brush, Pen and Font controls
  • GoBoxPort / GoBoxNode - improvements in the way links are spread out on sides of node.
New Features
  • new GoDraw ToolStrip controls for Brush, Pen and Font
  • Add GoStrokeArrowheadStyle.X that is typically used in UML to denote "no navigation"
  • new GoArc class
  • DataSetDemo - significant facelift, new data set for employees, colorful tree layout, employee picture supported in node [DataSetDemo screenshot][1]
  • DrawDemo - redone to use ToolStrip with new GoDraw ToolStrip controls for Brush, Pen and Font
  • DrawDemo - add use of GoDrawView, with rulers and paper-like Sheet background
  • DrawDemo - FishEye Zoom Tool [DrawDemo screenshot][2]
  • NodeLinkDemo - Sample tool code to prevent CollapsingRecordNode from doing a self-link
  • StateCharter - Add two embedded sample state chart XML files
GoWeb Specific Changes
  • new GoWeb.js - important changes for new browsers
  • new GoWeb.css minor appearance change for context menus
  • GoDiagram for ASP.NET 4.2 supports HTML 5. When you pick up the new GoWeb.js file for your project, you must change the HTML header in your pages to be
  • Anything in your web page that causes "quirks mode" to be activated in the browsed may break the positioning of objects within the GoView
  • Supported browsers: IE 7+, Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5.0
  • Fix UndoManager serialization in GoWeb under SQL State Server
GoWeb Samples
  • Change all web sample .ASPX pages to use HTML 5 recommended header. This is required to use the new GoWeb.js changes in get mouse position.
  • DrawDemo - Add support for custom goRequest commands for object color and transparency
  • DataSetDemo - significant facelift for nodes and layout, new data set for employees

We have released 5.0.0 with support for

- VS2008 and .NET 3.5
- VS2010 and .NET 3.5 and 4.0
- VS2012 and .NET 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5.

Note that .NET 2.0 is no longer supported. Continue to use 4.2 if you need .NET 2.0.

The major new feature is support for PDF generation from diagrams.

We’ve also changed how licensing / deployment works. Gone is the Microsoft style licenses.licx and
in its place is simpler, more reliable mechanism we first developed for GoXam. (There is still a
License Manager to run and activation codes to request…) Please read the chapter about
“Deployment and Licensing” in the GoDiagram User Guide.

And there is no longer a “Pro” that contains Layout and Instruments. Everything is contained in
one product for one price. Yes, if you have an active subscription for the old “base” product,
you just got a free upgrade!

For GoDiagram Web, the supported browsers for this release are IE 8+, Firefox 14+, Apple Safari
5+ and Google Chrome 21+.

(Now that GoJS is about to ship, we're recommending that over GoWeb. Seriously... HTML5 Canvas is the future for this kind of web app. And GoJS is an amazing product. )
The bugfix list is short... and that's a good thing. Not much to fix here.
  • fix InvalidOperationException: Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be
    called on a control until the window handle has been created in
    hoverCallback when deleting GoViews.
  • (GoWeb) new GoWeb.js - minor changes for move cursor on IE

Kits are on the evaluation page now. (If you have any old email from us, a direct link to the
download page should be on that.)

We have released 5.1.0 with support for

- VS2010 and .NET 4.0
- VS2012 and .NET 4.0 and 4.5.
In addition, .NET 3.5 DLLs are in these kits, but they remain at 5.0.
What's new:
  • GoLayoutTree supports bus branching. Add GoLayoutTreeAlignment.Bus, TopLeftBus, BottomRightBus and BusBranching, plus minor bugfixes (basically all new work from GoXam was added back into GoDiagram). See the LayoutDemo sample.
  • New GoDiagram Evaluation explorer. One app to run to get access to documentation, samples, support, etc. (this cleans up the mess created by the Windows 8 Start menu)

  • New Sankey diagram sample (WinForms C#)

  • New FunctionBlock diagram sample (WinForms C#)

  • LayoutDemo supports [new Tree Layout bus options][3], nodes color coded per layer
  • DrawDemo sample: selection based menu options and fix IsModified=true at startup because of "Welcome" comment.
  • PDF generation: numerous fixes to fonts
GoWeb fix:
  • Fix mouse position in Zoomed-in IE10 (be sure to pick up new GoWeb.js file from kit)

5.2.0 has been released. details here: GoDiagram 5.2 for VS2015 and .NET 4.6 released