GoJS v2.0 alpha via NPM?

Is it currently possible to access alpha/beta versions of GoJS via NPM?

If not, would you consider making it possible? I’m working on a migration path for our current codebase and would like to maintain the same method of acquiring the library.


No, sorry, that is not currently possible.

Okay, thanks. That’s disappointing.

We’ll move into Beta really soon, and consider this, but I can’t guarantee that we’ll do it. Are you expecting something like:

npi i gojs@beta
npm i gojs@2.0.0beta1

I would expect something like npm i gojs@2.0.0beta1 but would be fine with any ability to access the latest prerelease - I don’t necessarily need a specific pre-release version.

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I would like to see the beta versions in NPM also since we pull 1.3 from NPM. We are currently optimizing our app chunks and it would be nice to try 2.0 beta now during the optimization.

We’d like to encourage beta usage, but we don’t want people to get the Beta from NPM and then continue to use that version, which may update quickly, so we’d prefer to keep impermanent releases out of NPM for now at least.

You can download the full kit: https://gojs.net/beta/site.zip

Or just the go.js to replace: https://gojs.net/beta/release/go.js

and clobber the files in your node_modules for now.

I understand not wanting users to sit on the Beta release for a long time, but in my experience, users update more quickly when using NPM opposed to downloading entire packages.

For instance, we re-evaluate about once a month to keep our packages up to date via NPM. Downloaded packages get evaluated about once per release (18 months or so).

Thanks for considering it. I’ll probably check out the beta via replacing my node_modules for now.

I’m with @turnert that I would actually update more often using NPM than having to manually download and install. We are in development of our new product and once a week I check my package.json for any new versions of our dependencies, especially those that have beta or rc in the release. Seeing these gets my attention to check often:

    "material-ui-chip-input": "^1.0.0-beta.7",
    "material-ui-pickers": "^1.0.0-rc.14",
    "redux-form-material-ui": "5.0.0-beta.3",

Any changes on the issue? We would like to test out GoJS 2.0 in our app, but since we’re taking GoJS from NPM, we don’t want to download the library in ZIP file.

@tswistak @estesbubba @turnert You can now get the beta from NPM:

npm i gojs@beta

See the latest post here: Announcing GoJS 2.0 Beta Release - #9 by simon